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Annual Membership

Two categories of membership: 

  1. Industry (working in corporate - biopharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, digital health solutions, CROs, consultants, distributors/logistics providers)

  2. Others (healthcare institutions, academia)


Industry membership will be at SGD $100 per annum.

Others will be at SGD $50 per annum.

Membership is from 01 Jan to 31 Dec of the calendar year and the fee will not be prorated. 


Membership will allow you to these benefits:

  1. Receive industry insights from experts 

  2. Access to education resources (webinars, regular workshops, seminars etc.)

  3. Receive timely updates on regulatory development

  4. Networking opportunity with peers at events

Business Meeting
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Become a member

Click "JOIN US" below or contact the SCRP secretariat at

We will provide more information about SCRP and address any questions you may have. 

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